Fantastic Voyage

Topics: Heart, Blood, Inferior vena cava Pages: 4 (1145 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Alycia Chubb
HS 130 Anatomy & Physiology II
Unit #4 Assignment
Kaplan University
August 20, 2012

It is time for a fantastic voyage through this female’s right femoral vein to the lobe of the lower lung to document the “Battle of the Lung!” The course is going to be charted starting with the right femoral vein, passing through the external iliac, then the common iliac vein, head through the inferior vena cava, right atrium, right ventricle, pulmonary artery, and reaching the right lower lobe of the lung. (Innerbody, 2012) This will be exciting! The start of this fantastic journey is through the right femoral vein. This is the large vein in the groin that passes with the femoral artery under the inguinal ligament and carries blood back to the heart from the lower extremities. (MedicineNet, 2012) The right femoral vein carries us to the abdomen by the external iliac vein. Entering the external iliac vein, there is a lot of deoxygenated blood flowing between the legs and to the heart. The journey continues through the common iliac veins and up to the inferior vena cava. The inferior vena cava is a huge vein that collects blood the hepatic veins, lumbar, veins, gonadal veins, renal veins, and phrenic veins. (CardiacConsultants, 2012) Look at all these red blood cells waving around! Hold on, this journey is about to get interesting! It is a little bumpy as the journey continues. The sinoatrial node is sending an impulse causing the cardiac muscle tissue of the atrium to contract in a wave-like manner. (Innerbody, 2012) Hold on! There is the tricuspid valve! The tricuspid valve separates the right atrium from the right ventricle. (Innerbody, 2012) It is opening up! The journey is continuing through the right ventricle. It is still a little rough. The pulmonary artery is ahead. Oh no! It is closed, and the waves...

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