Topics: Love, Split Enz, Science fiction Pages: 2 (849 words) Published: June 7, 2013

There are some kinds of love in this universe. Without love, a human being will not be able to live normally and there will be something empty inside their hearts. This can be love for our God, parents, families, lovers, or maybe just for our bestfriends. But now just think about this case: how about love for someone that we have never even met before? Maybe just fangirls who know how it feels, because they are the one who have a non-sense head over heels in love all over the time. What thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word “fangirls”? Maybe just a bunch of weird girls who are too much obsessed with the artist whom they admire to death. Why are they so weird? Because commonly, fangirls always have their own world, their own strange hobbies, and their own reason for being so crazy. The things such as plastering their idol’s face as their phone wallpaper, sticking so many huge posters at their rooms, overreacting when their favorite songs from their precious boys are played at the public place, sighing desperately when their hardisk is running out of memory due to a bunch of photos and videos that are too precious to be deleted, and other nonsense actions; they just do it naturally and with no other purpose than their own satisfaction over the idols. They just want to feel close with their boys. Moreover, fangirls even often call them as their ‘‘husband’’. See? It seems like fangirls’ imagination is their last hope. The other thing about fangirl is for most of them, every single thing about their boys always matters. That is why they joined some fanbases that keep updating about their boys’ current condition all the time. And believe me it means trully literally, starting from what their idols are doing, if there is any newest clip or tv show, attending some events, or even just being spotted at a supermarket without wearing any make up. They keep sharing the information with the other fangirls all over the world. That’s why for these...
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