Topics: Teleportation, Nightcrawler, Paranormal Pages: 3 (824 words) Published: July 24, 2013
I follow after L as he leads me outside.
"You said the academy is in the mountains, so how are we going to get there? Airplane?" - You "Teleportation"
"Woah, no way! We're going to teleport?! So that must be your psych?" "No. I can't teleport myself. Someone will take us there using joint-teleportation" "Joint... teleportation?"
"It's when a teleporter uses their power to teleport other people as well" "Oh.. Who's going to teleport us?"
"His name is Woohyun. He teleported me here as well. He's also a student, and his teleportation skill sucks. We might end up in the wrong place and have to hike a little. But we shouldn't get too lost" "That sounds... very reassuring"

L just shrugs his shoulders and starts walking, leaving me behind. "Y-yah! Wait up!"
I jog to catch up with him. Since he's taller than me by several inches, he takes long, lithe strides that propels him ahead. I wish he would slow down a little. He isn't a very exciting person to talk to. Nor does it seem like he has any sense of humor. But still, he's presented me with this opportunity, so I have to be civil to him. "Where is this Woohyun guy, anyway?" - You

"Yo!" - A boy
"Wahh!" - You
A boy suddenly appeared, accompanied by a bright flash of light that fills my vision with white stars. It must be Woohyun - and he must have just teleported.
If that wasn't proof enough that psychic power are real, then I don't know what is. "Ahh, am I late? Sorry. I went to go check out this place. This town is really nice! Isn't it, L?" - Woohyun "Who cares?" - L

I sense some tension in the air...
"You can even see the beach from here! Maybe I'll live here someday" - Woohyun "Just shut up already" - L
I clear my throat to banish away some of the awkwardness.
As if noticing me for the first time, he looks over at me and smile. "Hey, look at that cute girl over there!" - Woohyun
"Hi there"
He waves at me casually.
"My name is Nam Woohyun~. Just call me Woohyun"
"N-ne, Woohyun-sshi"
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