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Famouspeople Should Not Have the Right to Privacy

By thecatlonely09 Mar 10, 2013 527 Words
Recently, there are a lot of pictures and stories about the private life of famous
people which are shown in the media day by day. Some people believe that famous

people have the right to privacy like other normal people. On the other hand, other claim

that celebrities have chosen public life so they cannot ask for privacy. This essay will

argue that famous people should not have the right to privacy simply because they are

public’s idol and living a public life make them more famous.
The first reason why celebrities were not allowed to live a private life is that they

are public’s idol. To begin with, famous people were often idols of many people from

older to younger, from adult to teenager. In everybody’s mind, they are good person in

anyway. Therefore, they have to prove themselves by allowing everyone know all things

in their lives. For example, Justin Bieber, who is a famous singer and a good idol of many

children and teenager in USA. He is not afraid of being hounded by paparazzi about his

love with Selena Gomez, who is also well-known singer and actress, because he thinks

he does not do anything bad. In addition, when celebrities become public’s idols, their

fans will admire and love them. Many fans want to have a good life like them so they

often learn their idols’ lifestyle to make their life more wonderful. Therefore,

responsibility of famous people is that allowing public to know about their private life so

that other people can follow easily. An illustration of this is Bill Gates, who is the richest

in the world, is also a kind person. He has spent a lot of his money for charity and poor

countries. He wants everyone in the world to help each other like the way he helps

everybody. He is ready for paparazzi know all things in his life to make their fans can

learn good things from him.

Another reason is that living a public life makes them more famous. For a start,

many of them choose to become the celebrated. They get scandals and permit paparazzi

catch it so that everyone knows and talks about them more and more. That makes them

more illustrious. For instance, Ho Ngoc Ha, who is famous singer and model in Vietnam,

loves Cuong Dollar, who is the richest in Saigon. Both of them get a lot of serious

scandals and let paparazzi run after them so that they can be more well-known easily.

Furthermore, many of them like being chased by paparazzi. They even sell their private

pictures such as their family, darlings so that they can get high income from their fans. To

illustrate, Thanh Van, a famous singer has a two-year-old son. She often photograph his

son and sell his pictures to fans to get more money.

To conclude, famous people should not have the right to privacy because they are

public’s idols and living a public life make them more famous. The paparazzi should

hound and ask them about their private life as much as possible because that means

paparazzi help them.

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