Famous Speech

Topics: Legally Blonde, Rhetoric, Debut albums Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Famous Speech
I have heard so many speeches in my life, all different kinds. But today I will be analyzing a speech that was in the movie Legally Blond two. This is a comic movie but it comes with a great speech. The protagonist of the movie is Elle Woods. She is a law graduate student. Elle Woods heads to Washington D.C. to join the staff of a congresswoman in order to pass a bill to ban animal testing. And she needs 15 votes in order for this bill to pass. But in order for her to join, she had to give a speech. This speech is called “speak up”. It is intended for both the audience and self. I will be applying Aristotle’s ethos, pathos, and logos of the speaker. To begin with and example of the logo is when, Elle Woods was going to give a speech that she had already rehearsed and she had printed it out in a folder. But as she is about to speak, she puts the folder aside and starts off with an example. She starts by giving her experienced of when she finally got the chance to get an appointment to this famous salon. She said that they use the wrongs chemicals on her and it was not what she expected. The audience was lost because they had no idea what she was talking about. Then she continues by saying that it was not the salons fault. That it was her fault for not saying anything. That is where the audience started to realize that she had a point and that she was transmitting something. To continue, at first she was a little nervous especially when she was up there in the podium to give her speech. All eyes were on her. Her voice sounded like if she was afraid. And she kind of froze for a bit. When she began by giving her speech the audience seem like if they were not really interest in the speech. They thought that what Elle was talking did not make sense. This was supposed to be something serious but Elle was talking about her hair. Even though the audience was not getting what her point was she still continued talking. Until the end of her speech the...
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