Famous Serial Killers

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Famous Serial Killers

Jack The Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Most famous letter

Annie Chapman

The Rippers HIstory

Jack , an English 1888 serial killer, killed many years ago
yet his identity remains a mystery legend. Many woman
were suspected to have been killed by him but only 5
were accepted to have been murdered by the Ripper. The
Scotland yard had many suspects believed to have been
Jack the Ripper but they were never able to capture the
true one. Jack sent letters to the police, but only 3 were
believed to be written and sent by him. The others were
believed to be hoaxed by a journalist named Tom Bulling.


Mary Ann “Polly” Nichols

Murdered: August 31, 1888 in Whitechapel, London

Her body was discovered at 3:40am by a man named Charles Cross

Picture of Polly Nichols at the mortuary

 Annie Chapman AKA “Dark Annie”
 Murdered: September 8th, 1888 on Hanbury Street, Spitalfields  Her body was discovered at 6:00am by John Davis
 She died at 5:30am
 Picture of the sight where Annie’s body was found. Her body was next to the steps.

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer

One of Dahmer’s first victims

Dahmer’s Addiction

Wraps blankest around their heads and boil their
heads in a mixture of Soilex and bleach in an effort to
retain the skull.

After he is done eating his victims, he removes the
skull and keeps it as his trophy.

Dahmer strangles his victims, rapes them, eats them,
and then burns the corpses.


Konerak (14)

Found naked and running through the street

Drugged and incoherent

Ambulance came and took Konerak, but Dohmer came and claimed to be Konerak’s lover. The boy was unable to object, and the police left.

The two women who tried to defend the boy and tell the police that he was in danger, but since they were African-American, the police didn’t listen.

Dahmer took the boy home, and after everyone left, strangled the boy and raped his corpse. He kept Konerak’s skull as a trophy, as he does with all his victims.


Dennis Rader

How Rader tied up his victims

Rader’s backstory
Born: March 9, 1945
Education: Wichita State University, Wichita Heights High School Parents: William E Rader; Dorothea M. Rader
Arrested 2005

Accused of 10 accounted murders

His alias B.T.K

B.T.K was a boy scout leader, but he surprisingly did not do anything to arouse suspicion or murder anyone.

B.T.K Stands for Bind Torture Kill.

His full name was Dennis Lyn Rader

• January 15 1974,
Joseph Otero, 38 and his wife Julie, 34, were
strangled in their home along with two of
their children, Josephine, 11, and Joseph the
second, 9.
• April 4th, 1974
• Kathryn Bright, 21 was stabbed to death
• in her home. Police later conclude she
• was a B-T-K victim.
• October 1974
• The Wichita Eagle- beacon gets a letter
• from someone taking responsibility for the
• Otero family killing and including the
• crime scene details.
• The other accounted victims were ordinary BTK victims.


Aileen’s mug shot

Actual gun that Aileen used to kill her victims

Wuornos’ psycho life

Aileen Wuornos was accused of killing 7 men.

She was sexually abused as a child and made a living by being a sex worker on the Florida highways.

She killed the men that picked her up.

Aileen was thrown-out of her house as a teenager.

Wournos’ grandmother took care of her and her brother. When the grandmother died, Aileen took off on a hitchhiking journey. This is what started her career as a killing female prostitute.

Wuornos’ victims

Aileen has killed 7 out of the 12 people...

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