Famous Personalities Who Took Up Engineering Courses

Topics: Engineering, Academic degree, Electrical engineering Pages: 4 (928 words) Published: June 23, 2013

1. Dolph Lundgren (Chemical Engineering)
Before pursuing an acting career, Dolph Lundgren studied chemistry and chemical engineering. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering (Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) and a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering (University of Sydney) and was studying at MIT on a Fullbright Scholarship before finally deciding to quit and pursue acting.

2. Cindy Crawford (Chemical Engineering)
Cindy Crawford graduated as the batch valedictorian during high school and attended the Northwestern University to study Chemical Engineering on a scholarship. She dropped out after a semester to go into modelling full-time.

3. Bill Nye (Mechanical Engineering)
Bill Nye actually graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1977. After graduation, he headed to Seattle to work for Boeing. During his time in Seattle, he entered a Steve Martin look-a-like contest that eventually led to his dual careers: An engineer by day, stand-up comic by night. In a few short years, he began appearing on Saturday Night Live and later on Comedy Central, and “Bill Nye the Science Guy” was born.

4. Tom Scholz (Mechanical Engineering)
Before Tom Scholz founded the rock band “Boston”, he received both bachelors and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT. While he was a student at MIT he made his own pedals for his electric guitar and experimented with sounds. His first job out of college was as a senior product designer for the Polaroid Corporation, where he received his first of many patent credits.

5. Jimmy Carter (Nuclear Engineering)
Jimmy Carter was the 39th US president and was also a nuclear engineer. Carter went to the Georgia Institute of Technology and graduated in 1947 from US Naval Academy with a general Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering. In the navy, he focused on submarines. He was chosen for...
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