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Assignment MKT532: Consumer Behaviour

Individual Assignment (Famous Person)

Prepared for:
Prof. Madya Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir

Prepared by:
Syahida Bt Abd Aziz2011253056

Group: BMB3Ad

Due date: 19th December 2011

September 2011 – January 2012

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing
Faculty of Business Management
Universiti Teknologi MARA Perlis
02600 Arau, PERLIS.

Alhamdulillah, we are most grateful to Allah S.W.T for the completion of this individual assignment as one of the requirement that need to be accomplish in the course work assessment for the code MKT532.

Special thanks to my parent for giving financial support in completing this assignment. Besides, not to be forgotten to our lecturer this is Prof. Madya Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir for his kindness in helping me during the process of completion of this assignment. He has given us a good service by providing useful information to us. Without him, I would not be able to complete this individual assignment.

There are a lot of challenges that I have to face such as finding the needed information for my task. Through these problems I manage to become more organize and mature in dealing with problems that occur during completing my individual assignment. This individual assignment on a famous person covers his family, personality, motivation, social class and his attitude. Lastly, to those who had involved and contributed directly or indirectly to this assignment, I am very grateful to them for the effort and initiative that they have shown in my individual assignment until I successfully completed my assignment.


|No. |Contents |Page | |1 |Biography of Prince William |4 | |2 |Family |5 | |3 |Personality |6 | |4 |Motivation |7 | |5 |Social Class |8 | |6 |Attitude |9 | |7 |References |10 | |8 |Appendixes |11 |

Biography of Prince William


Full name: Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor

Date of Birth: 21 June 1982

Place of Birth: London, England

Status: Married to Kate Middleton

Education: Mrs. Mynor's Nursery school in West London (1985-1987)

Wetherby School in Kensington, London (1987-1990)

Ludgrove School in Wokingham (1990-1995)

Eton College (one of England's most prestigious secondary schools)

Scotland's St Andrew's University (Degree in Geography in 2005)

Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Royal Air Force (he is now training to be a search and rescue pilot)

Occupation: Philanthropist, Political Leader, Duke, and Prince

Achievement: A second lieutenant in the Household Cavalry in December 2006

Royal Knight Companion of the Noblest Order of the Garter

Official title: His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales


A group may be defined as two or more people who interact to accomplish either individual or mutual goals. A group to which a person either...

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Marriage to Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011
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