Famous People and Privacy

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OUTLINEAugust 2013
Numbers and names:19 Ingrid Serrano
20 Richard Siapo

Do you agree news are sensationalized in tabloids?

I don't agree that news are sensationalized in tabloids for two reasons.

A. Journalists are breaking the ethical values and the mission of their profession. 1. The size of the audience is relevant.
2. Lack of objectivity in allegations

B. Besides, sensationalism affects everyone involved.
1. Speculations about you and your relatives lives.
2. Hounded by media in every action.

In conclussion, it's evident that sensationalism has become deeply entrenched in the media and journalists are paying by sacrificing their ethics exposing people and relatives lives.

Do you agree news is sensationalized in tabloids?

Tabloids can be defined as a type of newspaper with a simple style, many photographs and emphasis on sensational stories. To increase the attraction of newspapers headlines, publishers allow showing sensationalist news. For them, the effects of it seem to be positive, however, these are producing a negative impact on society. So I don´t agree that news are sensationalized for two reasons.

In first place, journalists are breaking the ethical values and the mission of their profession. For them, the size of the audience is relevant, because the in tabloids are very competitive. In fact, it’s part of journalists’ strategy for catching the attention of most readers. Unfortunately, to achieve they is a lack of objectivity in the allegations that not bring correct information. For instance, when the new of RNH1 flu appeared, tabloids published exaggerate number of deaths. Obviously, parents were too worried about that they didn’t send their children to school for many days.

Besides, sensationalism affects everyone involved in, even your relatives. This is the case of Jean Paul Santamaria and Angie Jibaja. They were a famous couple, but since he was besieged by paparazzi when...
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