Famous Biologist-Gregor Mendel

Topics: Gregor Mendel, Genetics, Pea Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: October 1, 2005
Gregor Johann Mendel was born to a German-speaking family on July 22nd, 1822 in the small agrarian town of Heizendorf, Austria. He was the second child of peasant parents Anton and Rosine Mendel. At a young age, Mendel worked as a gardener where his love for plants and nature began. As a child, Mendel grew up on an orchard and farm which in fact were early influences on his studies.

Gregor began his formal education at the Philosophical Institute at Olomouc Czechoslovakia. Mendel proceeded to study physics, chemistry, mathematics, zoology and botany at the University of Vienna but did not succeed in completing his studies due to the fact that he became quite ill at this time. Here he developed his skills as a researcher and studied to become a teacher of Mathematics and Biology.

Mendel's parents could not afford to support his pursuit of higher education and therefore he entered an Augustinian monastery where the foundation of his discoveries was formed. He commenced his part-time teaching career at the monastery while he was continuing his research and studies. Mendel followed his childhood dream and taught natural science to high school students. During this time he also joined the St. Thomas Brünn Monastery and was ordained as a community priest. Gregor's ideas were published in 1866 but were not fully recognized until the 1900's. His work was published in Brünn, Austria (now Brno, Czechoslovakia). Mendel made his discovery by using simple pea pod plants. He closely watched and learned the seven basic characteristics of the pea pod plants. Before examining pea pod characteristics he began by breeding mice. Mendel died in Brno, Austria from chronic nephritis on January 6th, 1884 at the age of 61. His discovery was not found notable until sixteen years after. It was so important because he came up with a very simple but ground-breaking finding for all of the results he saw in his brief experiments. Before his discoveries, heredity remained a...
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