Famine Relief

Topics: English-language films, Morality, Ethics Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: February 16, 2006
I think we should give all types of aid. Immediate, developmental, and population control. Immediate aid should be given to feed the people to get them in a state of mind to be able to comprehend more complex things. If they are going to understand population control and developmental aid they need to be in a sound state of mind. I think developmental aid should be given, but it has to be a continued effort to develop the area. To teach them how to follow in our footsteps, we didn't start out poor either. We need to educate them and teach them how to establish and maintain a solid government, trade system and how to effectively use their resources. I think it's okay to invest in this type of aid because it's similar to college. There would be no business people if the weren't trained in some way to be effective business leaders. We need to teach these countries with our expertise how to develop their economies so they can become self sufficient. Also, population control should be given to help slow the hungry mouths. This will help the effectiveness of developing and allow for less immediate aid to be given. If there are less mouths to feed then there is more resources and money to be given to those already alive.

My normative principal is a mix between Peter Singers and Onora O'Neill. I think that yes, we should do the action that has the overall best consequence; however, it's relative to the situation and is different for every scenario. It's up to us to evaluate the circumstances and decide what should be done since we are the ones with the power to help. So my overall normative principal is: Based on the situation we should try to choose the best overall outcome, but it's up to us to decide what the best outcome is. In relation to famine I think that any aid given is good, but we are not obligated to give it. If we can give it without moral sacrifice to ourselves, then yes we should do that, but we have the right, as the donator, to decide what to give,...
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