Famine and Anasazi Civilization

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Disappearance of the Anasazi civilization
The Anasazi civilization was a wonderment of there time. They were far ahead of any Indian civilization of that time era. They were cliff-dwelling people who where very knowledgeable in architecture, astronomy, and farming. They had built houses on the sides of cliffs that were more then 5 stories tall with plenty of space and even had religious meeting areas. They had a system for tracking the movement of the sun and the moon and also created a calendar that could track the summer and winter solstices and even the 19 year cycles of the moon. "..an astronomical refinement Europeans had not even achieved yet." (Liberty Equality Power pg.31)

The whole civilization disappeared off the face of the earth with hardly a trace. In the late 13th century the once growing civilization of he Ansazis disappeared. Many historians, anthropologists, and archeologists have come up with possible evidence of why or how the Anasazis disappeared. There are many possible theories that could explain their disappearance, but according to Olivia Leigh, author of "The mystery of the Anasazi", says that they fall into three basic categories "The drought theory, The conflict Notion, and the Alien connection."

The theory that an entire civilization was wiped out or forced to leave because of a severe drought is a possible connection. During 1100 A.D. there where many severe droughts that might cause the people to migrate to a new region, but without even taking there tools or even food? For no trace of them to be found after that they would have had to change there entire way of living. Appearance, religion, their culture, because no further traces of their civilization was found. "Current research suggests that the great drought was no where near as severe as scientists believed ten years ago, certainly not severe enough to drive a nation of people to abandon their homes." (Leigh).

Imagine a whole tribe being wiped out by...

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