Topics: Queen, Snow White, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Symbols are messages with greater ideas and meanings displayed behind them. Symbols are all around us every day of our lives. Through symbolism messages are displayed in a variety of ways that aren’t visual to the eye right away. There is greater meaning and values behind these messages that a person can continue to seek out in the future. Snow White and the Huntsman is a movie of bravery, compassion and belief. Throughout the movie, the audience can come to understand the strength and praise Snow White dedicates into saving her father’s kingdom from the evil Queen. There are greater messages then what meets the eye in the story of Snow White and the Huntsman. Ideas and thoughts are illustrated in Snow White and the Huntsman through the use of symbols of the apple, the bird, and the kiss. Evil is a strong theme and message that is apparent throughout the whole movie. The major symbol that the message of evil is illustrated through is the apple. The Queen had devised a plan to take over the whole Kingdom and become the most beautiful of all the women. She had purely evil thoughts and only cared about the well being of herself. The Queen had obtained a serious amount of power by sucking out the beauty and souls of innocent people and animals. The message of evil is delivered through the symbol of the apple in which the Queen deliberately tries to kill her target; Snow White. The Queen disguised herself as the Prince because she knew this was a man of great meaning in Snow White’s life. She had tricked Snow White into taking a bite of the apple which had nearly ended her life. Due to the tragic consequences of Snow White taking a bite of the poisoned apple, the audience can see how evil the thoughts and actions of the Queen are through the symbolism of the apple. Another symbol that is apparent throughout the movie is the message of freedom through the symbol of the birds. Snow white is always trying to fend for herself and for her Kingdom against evil and...
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