Family I Believe Paper

Topics: Family, Kinship, Sibling Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: December 11, 2012
F.O.E. is something which is commonly said which stands for family over everything. This saying is something which has become very important to me within the past couple of years. This has happened due to some events, realizations, and actions. It took losing them to actually realize the importance of having them within your life. There have also been actions done by them, as well as myself, which gave a great sense of how important these people in our lives really are.

Many events have happened through the years which have proved to me how important my family is to me. An event which helped me realize this was the death of my grandpa who lived in Ukraine where my family is originally from. The amount of times I had seen the man I could count on my fingers. This had taught me a very valuable lesson, to be as close with my elders as I can because they aren’t getting any younger. This opened up my eyes to a vast amount of information coming from those who had seen it all. I accredit much of my success to my family members who have provided much inspiration. The event which had influenced me the most had to be almost losing my only blood brother. He is my best friend and I am thankful every day that he is alive.

All of these events provoked epiphanies in my own mind as well as others. I began to become much more active in the family community. I spoke with some of my close friends about these realizations I had been having and how positive the effects had been on everybody involved. They began trying some of these things to cherish those who are close to them and reported a dramatic change in the way that their lives are lived. This created the idea in my head of keeping those who are close, as close as possible.

People’s action will display their true intentions. The Actions of my family have changed in such a way that is hard for me to believe. Those few who are very close, but not blood relatives, I still consider family. This is important...
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