Family, Work and Rest

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Family: Work and Rest


7th World Meeting of Families, May 30 – June 2, 2012 in Milan, Italy Pope Benedict XVI called for a healthier balance between work and rest. The natural rhythms of work and recreation are essential to family life A proper understanding of rest and recreation would help to restore family life

In our time, unfortunately,

WORK – excessive competitiveness motivated by the quest for success and the view to maximizing profit tends to absorb so much time and energy that it is hard to meet other obligations to the family

Exploitation is possible in the form of over-work which make family life and personal growth impossible.

There is a risk that the power over creation which God gives to man can lead him to forget that God is the Creator upon whom everything depends. It is all the more urgent to recognize this dependence in our own time, when science and technology have so incredibly increased the power which man exercises through his work.

CONCEPT OF REST – degenerates into “free time”
- becomes a time for evasion and consumption
- reduced to individual gratification

RESULT - contribute to the break-up of families
- spread of an individualistic lifestyle.”
- A Consumeristic Lifestyle ends up tearing families apart.

It is therefore necessary to reflect and commit ourselves to reconciling the demands and requirements of work with those of the family and to recover the true significance of rest, especially on Sundays: the day of the family, the day of man, the day of the Lord

A new style of Family Life is needed. The quality of the relationship between spouses and between parents and children depends so much on the family having adequate REST and RECREATION.

Blessed Pope John Paul II wrote in Familiaris Consortio "of the need to help society rediscover true family values at a time of moral crisis". Family, work and holidays are gifts and blessings from God to help us live a fully human life.

Blessed Pope John XXIII Mater et Magistra wrote: Man has to think of his family, the unity of which depends so much on frequent contact … therefore man has a right to rest a while from work, and a need to renew his bodily strength and to refresh his spirit by suitable recreation.

Now, especially in our time, the family has to rediscover and commit to strengthening family life because of the multiple attacks against the family.

It follows that families need to recover the genuine feeling of rest, especially on Sunday, the Day of the Lord and of man.

It is important that joy is lived in the family. An authentic joy, which is like one who already reflects the beauty of heaven in the home. The family is called to be a sign of the love of God in the history of humanity.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph shows us that family life can allow time for rest and celebration: They went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover.

Combining hard and responsible work with sufficient time for a rich, fruitful and harmonious family life. A serene and constructive home atmosphere, with its domestic duties and affections, is the first school of work and the best place for people to discover their potential, increase their eagerness to improve themselves and to achieve their noblest aspirations. Furthermore, family life teaches people to overcome selfishness, to foster solidarity, not to scorn sacrifice for the happiness of others, to value what is good and upright and to apply themselves with conviction and generosity for each other’s good.

The family is a school for learning how to rest while thinking of others. Therefore it is important to plan holidays well, to spend leisure time with one’s children in order to get know them well and converse with them, and play with the younger one’s. We need to learn how to make family life pleasant, and not fall back on the easy...
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