Family Values Paper

Topics: Family, Nursing, Family therapy Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: September 19, 2014
Family Values Paper
Family health nursing provides the “conceptual foundations of family nursing across the life span” (Gonzalez, 2012). Family nursing is an idea that was formed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe so that the organization could offer a way to reinforce family and neighborhood accustomed health assistance” (Hennessy and Gladin, 2006 ). The World Health Organization defines family health nursing as presenting the main role within a diverse group of skillful workers that relates to the healthcare field during the achievement of care objectives produced by the organization’s procedure outline. Family systems frequently change as the members of a family adapt to the stress that is inherent to illness and/or injury. Families adjust to the stress, making use of family means and resources, but they frequently require help in making these changes. In helping families, nurses provide care that is ethnically experienced care that reveals a family’s personal story that both the strengths and the deficits of a family, illuminating where they require assistance within a specific health care system (Patterson, 1988). Kelly (2011) points out that a great deal of nursing concentrates on the individual. However, it is the family and the home that should garner more attention from healthcare professionals because it is within the home where healthcare is cultured, inhabited, and suffered, as well as being the position were several members meet and react to illness and poor health throughout the path of life. Nurses are exceptionally allowed to be able to observe and focus on health as being closely associated to the life of the family, and this is mainly accurate within the background of family health nursing. When patients return home from care within some sort of formal healthcare institution, they can frequently experience problems and frustration due to inadequate discharge scheduling, which fails to reasonably focus on the requirements expected...

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