Family values over all

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Family Values Over all

The relationship between the family members in the play can give the reader motives for how some of

the characters might act. The characters in Macbeth inspire each other to commit certain actions and

without some character shaving the personality they possess such as Lady Macbeth or Macduff the story

would have been far less exciting. In this story the relationships amongst members of different families is

not strong. family plays a major role in Macbeth and can show the reader how family values can either

make or brake a family.

Macbeth and lady Macbeth are some the main characters of the story. Macbeth is a ambitious power

hungry man that is fueled by his ego that is created when the witches give him the prophecies. Lady

Macbeth rides the coattails of Macbeth's success and constantly challenges him and questions his

manhood.Through out many parts of the story the reader can get the sense that their marriage is not a

strong and loving one.they sleep in separate rooms which is a sign that they do not love each other

especially during the time period in which Macbeth was written in.They also both use each other to go

farther in life. Lady Macbeth uses Macbeth to gain power and rank and Macbeth uses her to fuel his

power hungry personality and his ambition. Lady macbeth pushes Macbeth to fulfill the prophecies that

were said by the witches and pushes macbeth to kill Duncan. She even says in act 1.5 "What thou art

promised: yet do I fear thy nature;It is too full o' the milk of human kindness"(shakespeare,50) By saying

this she is provoking macbeth and saying that he is to kind to carry out the murder. Macbeth is now driven

to kill Duncan so he can go to Lady Macbeth and prove that he is a man willing to do whatever it takes. A

sign that Macbeth didn't truly care for his wife would be when she dies in 5.5 he says "She should have

died hereafter;There would have been a time for such a word."(shakespeare,137) when he says this it

proves that he doesn't care for her and says oh she would have died anyway.The Macbeths are very

emotionless towards each other and in the story they never share a true intimate moment.

Gavaletz 2
Much like the Macbeths, the Macduffs also have a poor marriage, but unlike the Macbeths, Macduff

actually cares for his wife and child. lady Macduff however appears to care less about Macduff.Lady

Macduff tells her son that Macduff is dead and calls him an idiot for leaving them even though he has to

leave Scotland so macbeth would not kill him. Lady Macduff is very cold hearted tells her son what she

will do for a husband. Her son asks her what she will do do for a husband in IV.2 and she responds with

"Nay, how will you do for a husband? Why, I can buy me twenty at any market"(Shakespeare, ) Lady

Macduff is saying that Macduff is easily replaceable and if she truly loved him she would have been

struck with grief. She makes it seem like he was of zero significance to her. Even though Lady Macduff

doesn't love him, when Macduff learns that his family has been murdered by Macbeth's men he is

infuriated and is the only character that takes action in the play when a tragedy has occurred to his family.

Macbeth destroys many families in this story. Macbeth destroys the family of Scotland as a country

when he kills Duncan who is seen as a father figure to the country. He also destroys Macduffs family as

well. Since Macduff truly loved and cared for his family, he took action and gathered an army which

defeated and killed Macbeth and his allies. He also loves Scotland very much and when Malcolm tests his

loyalty in 4.3 he says that he's not fit to live, and then decides to leave Scotland forever rather than see her

ruled by a man who "By his own...
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