Family Values

Topics: Family, Morality, Sociology Pages: 2 (508 words) Published: November 26, 2013
Family values and interaction has changed through time
Family values and morals in today’s’ society is in jeopardy families, and is a direct reflection of the society and social changes (we are forced too), in which we live. Society has become more and more of a problem. The problem seems to be universal no matter what age you are. The influence of society seems to be changing and is debatable. Traditions are broken, and in my opinion has three social factors, which are threatening our family values and even moral values to some of us in today’s day and age. Values truly come from the family we are raised in and the upbringing. Outside influences in my opinion used to be a more positive one, but in today’s society, my worry is that it is more the negative impact parents, and even children have to worry about. A main concern is violence; the numbers of assault has risen dramatically throughout the years. Not only is violence idealized in movies, and television shows, but displayed in schools. One example would be the Columbine shooting, an unthinkable event 60, or more years ago. There goes to show, no matter how much a parents discuss the dangers of violence, a child still can be tempted by outside influences. I believe families interacted more we each other, and everyone was engaged, defineantly an issue that comes up in today’s society. Some children who get in trouble state it is because they are bored, or just have parents who do not care, again not an issue back in those days. In 1950s- 1960s everyone had to be gathered around the table to have dinner by the time Dad got home from work. Dinner time was a of family members to engage into conversation, talk about their day, and even find solutions to some issues on family member may had. Today’s society however, has changed rapidly. If you think about it, family traditions are almost non-existent; people are constantly moving around and persistently looking for change. Parents, moving around from city...
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