Family Values

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Family Values Paper
“The concept of family is one with which almost every individual can identify. For some, family means their family or origin; for others, it applies to the family they have biologically created; or for still others, it means individuals with whom they have developed lasting bonds of intimacy through adoption, foster care, or other relationships” ("Environmental influences," 1990, para. 3). Family as a unit has two basic purposes, first is to meet the needs of society of which it is a part of, and second to meet the needs of the individuals in the families (Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003). According to Friedman, Bowden and Jones, family has a crucial influence on the formation of an individual’s identity and feelings of self-esteem (p. 5). Each individual can define the interpretation of family differently. In health care, one can define a family as a support system or the backbone to an individual in a state of compromised health. Each role of the family can vary based on the patient’s condition. As a health care provider it is important to understand the role of the family system. As the family system can change constantly in response to stresses and strains (Friedman et al., 2003). The influence of family members on one another is not simple, but complex. It is not one-way, but a reciprocal. The family, is similar to a mechanical system, it is made up of multiply parts that work interdependently ("Environmental influences," 1990). When one part does not function well, other parts are impacted ("Environmental influences," 1990). The family interacts with other systems, including those that provide direct services to family member who is a patient. Working as a perioperative nurse in the operating room (OR) the nurse does not have as many opportunities to work with the family. Most families leave their family member anxious about their family member going to surgery and are sent to wait in the designated waiting area....
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