Family Values

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3.1 The family values of the elder

3.1.1 Communication between parents and children

In recent years, more and more old people are complaining that young people are difficult to communicate with or get on. They think their next generation is impolite because when they ask some questions such as “where do you go?” or “have you studied?” Most of the young people respond with “Don’t ask me” or “You are annoying”. So someone said communication between two generations is deficient. But is it the real trend in Hong Kong? According to our survey, it is not true.

From figure3.1, it indicates 9 respondents out of 10 said they enjoy talking to their children and the rest expressed he do not enjoy talking to their children. It can be seen that parents are willing to communicate with their young generation.

Communication is very important in our daily life. Without communication, people do not know what they are thinking. Through communication, we can also know the speaker’s mood. Regarding figure 3.2, it indicates that 60% of respondents choose their family as their listener. 40 % of interviewees selected friends as their listener. It shows that parents really want to share everything with their children.

Family day spent together
Lots of people reckon old generation does not have family day with their young one because they are busy in working or studying. Maybe some people have an opinion that young generation would prefer to do their own things even if they are available. But according to figure 3.3, it illustrates eight in ten have family day per week. Only 20% do not have family day each week. It is demonstrated that old people value every moment with their family and young people are ready to accompany with them.

Living together
In traditional Chinese culture, parents want to live with their children after they get married since they want to take care of their grandchildren. They have a perspective that having grandchildren is a...
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