Family Unity in Greek and Egyptian Culture

Topics: Family, Marriage, Egypt Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Family Unity in Greek and Egyptian Culture
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In Greek culture, as well as Egyptian culture, children are very important to the family. They are raised in supportive environments and therefore, upon marriage, raise loved and cared-for children of their own. I will attempt to compare the two cultures in this paper. In Greek culture, both parents share the responsibilities of raising their child (Sutton, 2010). Relatives from both sides of the family play an active role in helping with the child's upbringing. Children are never hidden away, they are allowed to do whatever they want within reason as well as interact and mingle with others. Greek children attend school for at least nine years and are highly encouraged by their families to attend and do well. School is free of charge (para. 66) . Women are the primary caregivers to their children in Egyptian culture (Hopkins & Saad, 2010). As in Greek culture, all family members help in bringing up the children but the main duties fall on the mother (para. 90). Many families own buildings large enough to house many relatives (Harris, 2005, para. 21) so they are in close enough proximity to lend a helping hand when needed. Education is highly regarded for children in the Egyptian community but, because of low income, many do not get past the elementary level before having to drop out and begin working to help the family (para. 92). Both cultures hold the belief that children are blessings and do their best to raise them with love and encouragement. Education is highly regarded in both cultures but only feasible in the Greek culture. The Greek rely heavily on family. At one time, arranged marriages were the norm, but not so much in this day and age (Sutton, 2010). Dowries are no longer legal but much still exchanges hands from parents to children upon getting married. Both sons and daughters receive equal amounts of the family's wealth including money, housing, and land (para. 62). Most people marry in...

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