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Family Unit

By wintermanequin May 02, 2013 772 Words
Family Unit Is Responsible For The Moral Decadence of Youths(1st Gov)

A very good morning to the speaker, honorable judges, reliable timekeeper, worthy opposition members, members of the house, ladies and gentlemen. The motion for this morning is ‘this house believes that family unit is responsible for the moral decadence of Youths.

We as the government totally agree with the motion today. Our stand is that Family Unit is Responsible For the Moral Decadence of Youths. It is because (1) Family Unit Failed to fulfill their children’s psychological and emotional needs causes them to seek love and acceptance out of the house (2) Family Unit failure to develop their children’s religious and moral value and (3) Family unit failure to protect their children from peer pressure,mass media and the values of society.

First, allow me to define the motion for today. “Family Unit” is defined as Parents. “Moral Decadence” is defined as the falling of good characters, and “youths” are adolescents whose age are between 15 and 24 years old, which is in the stage between childhood and adulthood.

I, as the Prime Minister will talk about how parents’ failure to provide fulfillment of their children’s psychological and emotional needs leads to moral decline among teenagers. My first Deputy Prime Minister will present to you on (1) parents’ failure to develop their children religious and moral value and (2) parents’ failure to protect their children from peer pressure, mass media and the values of society. My second Deputy Prime Minister will rebut points made by the opposition. Now onto my first point, L&G, is on how family unit fail to fulfill their children’s psychological and emotional needs. Josh McDowell, an educational psychologist summarizes youth’s greatest psychological and emotional needs in 6As, which are Acceptance, Appreciation, Affection, Availability, Accountability and Authority. Failure to fulfill the 6As will lead to youth problems and moral decline. Adolescence is a stage when youth are having their identity conflict. They need parents’ acceptance and appreciation for who they are. If parents neglect the need to accept and appreciate their teenagers, they will feel a sense of emptiness. As a result, they are seeking acceptance among their peers and are susceptible to negative peer influence which leads to moral decline. L&G, According to Stan Zaiko in his article entitled Adolescent Development and Psychology, family and parenting styles both have an enormous impact on adolescent development. Parents that demonstrate affection, tolerance, trust, acceptance, encouragement, and who listen to and have an open communication with their teens, increase the chances of having their teens develop with higher self-esteem and better social skills. On the other hand, some youth don't get the attention and affection they need from their parents so they turn to anti-social behaviors in the hope that it will eventually alarm the parents and remind them of their existence after being notified by the teachers or even the local authorities. Parental negligence in showing affection in the end causes them to deal with negative consequences alone because parents are not there to help them make the right decisions.

L&G, family unit failed in fulfilling their children’s psychological and emotional needs can be seen in their lack of communication.Parents seldom interact with their children on matters of relationships and the changes from childhood to adolescence. They do not try to find out the issues that might be affecting them. Youths will be left to struggle alone without their parents. This communication gap has allowed the children to venture into various types of negative behaviors. They start rebelling and make mistakes as they lack parental affection and love due to parental negligence. They start becoming violent and wild which leads to social problems too.

L&G, youths need a proper authority. Josh McDowell also states that parental authority with a good relationship leads to obedience. Control without a good relationship leads to rebellion. This is a problem many families face now. Parents try their best to control their kids but do not have a good relationship as their parents show little affection. In the end, this leads to more problems because the teenagers will be rebellious.

In conclusion, L&G, we strongly believe that Family Unit is Responsible for increasing the morale decadence among youths. It is because family unit failed to fulfill their children’s psychological and emotional needs causes them to seek acceptance and love among their friends, therefore open the doors for peer influence. Therefore, I would like to reaffirm our government’s stand that THBT Family Unit is Responsible for increasing moral decadence among youths. With this I rest.

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