Family Tree Project

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Dominique Talley-Morton
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Family Tree Project
Before I sat down to talk with my maternal and paternal grandparents (Cicely and Stanley Morton and Marie Talley) about my family’s cultural influences and my ancestors, I thought about all the things I already knew. I know a little something, good and bad, about each and every person I put on both of my family trees. Not everyone on my family trees are still living but majority of them are. On my maternal family tree, everyone except me, Ernest, Alex, Braxton, Rosalyn, Evan, Ariel, Gregory, and Brennan live in Miami, Florida. On my paternal family tree, Cicely, Stanton Sr., Adrian, Vere, Stanton Jr., Holly, Tonia, Marguerite, Desiree, Tylin, and Cody live in Miami, Florida. Further on into my paper I will break down both sides of my families in greater detail. Let’s start things off with my maternal side of the family. As I said before, only a few people live in places other than Miami, Florida. All of my family that does live in Miami, however, live in very close proximity to each other. Everyone lives within a 30 mile range and very often gather together just for fun. Everyone is African-American except Lazaro and Ishmael, who are mixed with Hispanic. My family doesn’t really have any particular views on people’s class because they themselves aren’t in the position to judge others. In fact, no one is. I wouldn’t say that everyone in my family is poor because they still find a way to make it every day. With Miami being such a dangerous and race driven place, race plays a big part in my family. They don’t have many issues with people being racist to them but there are a few people who they seem to be racist toward. When it comes down to being an upstander or a bystander, my family strongly believe is being upstanders all the time. If someone they don’t even know were being harassed, some of my relatives would immediately try to fix the problem before it turned to something major. When I look at how my family’s roles in societies have changed I think about if it’s a positive or a negative change. I think that my older relatives like my grandmother, my great aunts and uncles, and my great grandparents have made a positive change. I think that my younger relatives like my mom, aunts, and uncles also make a positive change but they can also contribute the bad things to society. When I interviewed my grandmother and my mother to learn more about my family I found out that the main family traditions that were passed down was going to church and celebrating the Christian holidays. I also learned that the saddest thing that has happened in both of their lives was when my great grandfather passed away. He was also the most important person in their lives besides their children. One last thing both my grandmother and mother said about my great grandfather was that he was the kindest person to them, which I agree with, because he was very kind to me also. I asked my grandmother some questions that I didn’t ask my mother and so they did have some answers that were difficult. I asked my grandmother what my mother was like when she was a child and she responded “talkative.” I asked my mother what was her favorite memory of me and she responded “when we won $1,000,000,000 playing deal or no deal at the arcade.” When I asked my grandmother and my mother what makes them most proud my grandmother said “all 13 of my grandchildren” and my mother said “all 4 of my children.” Both of their answers are quite similar but they both have their own views on how our family runs. My mother’s side of my family doesn’t really have any cultural influences except for maybe Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, death anniversaries, and birthdays, just like any other family. Around Christmas time we do secret Santa throughout our immediate family and have dinner at my grandmother’s house. On Thanksgiving, we usually have dinner at my grandmother or my aunt Jackie’s (Rosa) house,...
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