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Madison Haskins Traditions
September 19, 2014
Have you ever thought those boring family activities you do throughout the year were created by your parents to drive you crazy? Well I thought so until I did some research on it. In my family we have many family traditions, as you may call them. My favorite tradition is going and finding a Christmas tree every year. Everyone has family traditions, some may be simple like relaxing for 15 minutes after work, or as big as a family party every summer. Janet Dengels article “Now more important than ever” talks about how every family has a tradition or two.

Janet Dengel wrote “Ask any adult what they remember about childhood and they’ll recall an event that centered on family traditions or rituals.” I may not be an adult but I remember many of my family traditions, even the ones that no longer take place. According to the article there are many reasons that family traditions are important, but the two most important benefits family traditions are the enhancement of a child’s self-esteem and the hidden source of family strength behind every ritual or tradition. Preschool aged children, when involved in these rituals feel as they are a part of the family. Children are looking for acceptance in their family, involving them in these family rituals proves to them they are a big part of the family. Even children in single-parent homes need to be involved in traditions or rituals. Involving children in traditions enhances a child’s self-worth by making them feel important to the family. The hidden source of family strength behind ever ritual can help keep families from fighting and creates a bond between members. Family traditions help pull families back together, even if they are upset with each other.

Family traditions are huge in my home. We have many traditions, still to this day we celebrate together. Family traditions and rituals have made a great impact on my life and the way I want my children to...
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