Family to Family 4mat book review

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Alan Hardy
Evan 525-D13
December 7, 2014
Liberty University

There are many who believe that you should train a child from birth to live a Christian life. It is thought that when you do this, these teachings stay with your children throughout their lives. In the book Family to Family Leaving a Lasting Legacy, Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee do an amazing job at providing parents the know how to make a lasting impression with their children. The topics addressed in the book encompass many of the spiritual issues that families face in today’s society. Topics such as developing a family mission statement and family servant evangelism help to make this book a valuable weapon to have as we battle the forces of Satan. It is not unheard of for the family unit to be attacked by Satan. Weakening the family structure often tears at the threads of society. As society becomes more corrupt, Satan uses this as an opportunity to turn people from Christ. Within the reading there are many suggestions as to how to keep the family unit strong. Mentoring and empowering children are two effective ways to strengthen family. “Mentoring your children does not mean appearing perfect before them. In fact, to give them the impression that you have no struggles with sin and no problems will push them away. Children may feel isolated, imperfect, and unable to approach you because they think you will not understand their imperfections.1 There is a strong message of empowerment that comes through within the text. “Do things with your children, not for them. Mentors help people accomplish their goals. Parents must avoid the trap of doing for the children all the time, instead of doing with the children and letting them learn. It may be easier to do something for them, but it will be empowering to do it with the child.”2 In conclusion, I would say that this book is highly effective in equipping modern family leaders with the necessary information to pass on to their children and leave them with fond memories and stories that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression. The book talks about making someone else’s needs a priority. “If a person is going to discover the needs of someone else, they must make that a priority3” This is a concept that my Christians have failed to grasp the fundamentals of. My Father is a minister and his view was actually the exact opposite of this. He told my sister and me that he was not the type of father that was going to cut himself short in order to provide for someone else. He always liked to say that adults need to be able to handle things on their own without the help of anyone else, and he believed that was what being an adult all was about. I can remember being in college which was an hour and 15 minutes away from my home. I knew how to change tires, check oil, transmission fluid, and tire pressure, but I didn’t know anything about breaks and things of that nature. I can recall that gradually my breaks on my car got worse and worse, they go to the point where they would take 20 seconds or more to stop once they were pressed so I had to start applying them early. In fear that I would be involved in a serious accident and get hurt, I called my father and told him that my breaks weren’t stopping and that I needed him to come check them out. His response was one that was shocking, and it has stayed with me since I heard it. He told me that I was grown, and that he was with his girlfriend. He stated that he was not going to be running down the road every time I had a problem and that I needed to deal with it on my own. Even though I was 20 years old and technically an adult, I was shocked that any parent would see their child’s breaks not working on their car as a little problem. Even if he was lacking in that parental instinct and care, I imagined that him being a minister would definitely lead him to a different response. After reading the text I was left wondering why...

Bibliography: Pipes, Jerry, and Victor Lee. 1999. Family to Family Leaving A Lasting Legacy. Alpharetta, GA: North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.
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