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SEAN D. DUGAN (ID# L23392324)

FEBRUARY 26, 2014



Family values are dissolving to some while others are saying that the values are just changing. One thing that is an agreement is that the world has an impact in shaping these values. With the media, athletes, and the entertainment society being role models for many people, God is being ignored. “Family to Family will help you discover God’s purpose for your family.”1 This book not only want to change an individual, it sets out to change the entire world by bringing the family back together as a unit focused on doing God’s will. Family to Family is a book for every family. This book will help families that are struggling with finding what God’s purpose for them is to strong families that want to be refreshed as a group. Family to Family uses six chapters to help families find their mission under God and then uses this mission to make an impact within them self, each other, and the world around them. The book starts with building a healthy family, how to make the family’s mission statement, how to passing the statement down to your children and to further generations. Family to Family then goes how the entire family can affect the world, the church and simply sharing the message of Christ with everyone. With each chapter Family to Family uses scriptures, questions, and applications to help a family themselves to become a tool used by God to impact their community and the family’s generations to come. “The case of the demise of the North American family is alarming”2 This book was made to combat this demise. Family to Family will help to give you a strong sense to respond to the will of God, establish your family, and evangelize to the world. Reading it once, several times or keeping it as tool will raise your family and others around you.


This book to me is a great tool of information. Growing up in a dysfunctional family, it took me a long time and a marriage to a woman of great faith to understand why my grandfather was so adamant about family being for one another. When he was alive he always insisted that the family be with each other. If one was in trouble then the entire family had to be there to help them. If a friend of the family needed help then once again the entire family had to respond. Even in his last years of life, he was the happiest when the house was full and we were all on one accord. I remember him carrying his Bible and thinking why is he always reading it. Once he passed away some of the family stuck with each other, while others tried to only keep with themselves. Even my father kept to himself and I followed what he was passing down. I noticed the difference of what I thought family was once I married into an African family. I thank God that He taught me that my concept was wrong. Once my heart changed and understood that family is so powerful united under God, my family could do so much more of God’s will. I may have hindered the process for many years but now the process is moving. Reading Family to Family has also opened my eyes even further. My grandfather was correct and was trying to abide with what God wanted. The baton may have passed a few people up but I know God was kept His promise to my grandfather and his legacy has continued since I am trying to raise family to know the Lord, obey His will, and help others.


When reading this book, I kept thinking of my father. Why did my grandfather’s legacy fail to be passed to him and others in the family? My grandfather has touched so many people while he was alive and more than half of the family did not follow his example. What was it that impacted the family so much...

Bibliography: Pipes, Jerry and Lee, Victor. Family to Family: Leaving a Lasting Legacy (Lawrenceville, Georgia: Jerry Pipes Production, 2013)
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