Family Threats During the Cold War Era

Topics: Cold War, Nuclear weapon, World War II Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: February 21, 2012
Family Threats During the Cold War Era
Chakita Cameron
Kaplan University
February 10, 2012

Cold War Era America
During the years of the Cold War, the American people were living in fear of Communist takeover. Almost every American family believed that the threat of World-Wide control by the Russians was real. Russian influence was being spread across the countries of Europe and into Cuba, the people of the Unites States felt that this was getting too close to home and felt that the only way to prevent Russian expansion into America was to use military force and atomic weapons.

During this time, the Russian government began to experiment with the manufacture and testing of nuclear weapons. Once it became evident that they possessed the ability to make these types of weapons, fears of nuclear annihilation and Communist take-over became more than a possibility. It was feared that the Soviet Union was on a path set on World domination and they United States was determined to contain it.

The American family during the Cold War Era held in high regard. Close family bonds helped the American people feel at ease. They were afraid of anything that threatened their way of life and the American government. Family Preparation and Protection

Knowing what I know now, I would say that there was nothing that I could do for my family to protect them from the threat of nuclear annihilation by the Soviets but I could do some things to help to put our minds at ease. I believe that during this time I would have followed all the normal warnings that were presented and advise my children take the appropriate cover when presented with the threat. I would ensure that my family was educated on the situation and had all the facts that were available at the time. I would try my best to separate the opinions of some from the truth.

With the threat of direct hit by a nuclear weapon, there is obviously no recourse but I would still prepare my family in the event...

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