Family Therapy Evalution

Topics: Family, Murray Bowen, Nuclear family Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: December 16, 2013

Comparative Analysis of Family Therapy Approaches
Korrine McCarthy
Roberts Wesleyan College

Comparative Analysis of Family Therapy Approaches
There are multiple family therapy approaches that one can choose to utilize for a multitude of reasons. When choosing a family therapy, it is best to be able to choose one that is best for the family, and in doing so, you must be able to compare and contrast them. Two approaches that will be compared are the Bowenian Therapy Approach and the Solution-Focused Brief Therapy Approach. The two approaches will demonstrate critical thinking, written communication, and intervention with the at-risk population, as a “lens” to evaluate the approach. Bowenian Therapy

Bowen’s theory describes how the family, as a multigenerational network of relationships, shapes the interplay of individuality and togetherness using six interlocking concepts: Differentiation of self, Triangles, Nuclear family emotional process, Family projection process, Multigenerational transmission process and Sibling position. (Bowen, 1966). Primary Contributors

The primary contributors of Bowenian Therapy are Murray Bowen, Phillip Guerin, Thomas Fogarty, Betty Carter, Monica McGoldrick and Michael Kerr. Assumptions about Problems and Solutions
The underlying assumptions about problems and solutions according to Bowenian Therapy are that anxiety creates emotional reactions, and “the family as an emotional unit, a network of interlocking relationships which are best understood when analyzed from a multigenerational framework.” (Galica, 2013, para 3). Although Bowen’s therapeutic techniques are more cognitive than affective, he assumed either concepts to identify the emotional processes taking place in a nuclear as well as an extended family. 2. What are the underlying assumptions about problems and solutions? 3. What are the core concepts of each therapy approach?


References: Bowen, 1966.
Galica, J. (2013).
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