Family Therapy

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Myndi Axtell
Introduction to Counseling and Therapies
Family System Summary Paper
April 14, 2013

I will be writing my paper on the family systems therapy. Family systems therapy holds that individuals are best understood through assessing the interactions between and among family members. The development and behavior of one family member is interconnected with others in the family. Symptoms are often viewed as an expression of a set of habits and patterns within a family. The perspective is grounded on the assumptions that a client’s problematic behavior may serve a function or purpose for the family, be unintentionally maintained by family processes, be function of the family’s inability to operate productively, especially during developmental transition, and a symptom of dysfunctional patterns handed down across generations. The central principle agreed upon by family therapy is that the client is connected to living systems.

By changing the system can stimulate change quickly. In short-term circumstances, family therapy tends to deal with present interactions. The main focus of family therapy is on the here-and-now interactions in the family system. The main focus is on here-and-now interactions in the family system. One way in which family therapy differs from many individual therapies is its emphasis on how current family relationships contribute to the development and maintenance of symptoms. Global goals include using interventions that enable individuals and the family to change in ways that will reduce their distress.

One of the key contributions of the most systemic approaches is that neither the individual nor the family is blamed for a particular dysfunction. The family is empowered through the process of identifying and exploring internal, developmental, and purposeful interactional patterns. A systems approach recognizes that individuals and families are affected by external forces and systems, among them illness, shifting...
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