Family Sytem Theory

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Family Therapy
Family therapy is a form of counseling which specializes in treating family relationships. Marriage and Family Therapists can work with every combination of family relationship (whole families or couples, parents with children or individual members) to assist a family to function in more comfortable and useful ways. While most family therapists work alone with family members, others may work in pairs or a larger team of therapists.

How Does Family Therapy Work?
Family systems theory proposes that we as individuals first learn about ourselves, our emotions and how to manage close relationships from the experience we have growing up in our family of origin. This personal experience influences how we tend to function in all other relationships we may have throughout our lives. As we come to better understand ourselves in our family emotional system, and work to heal our natural, anxious reactions to it, we can become more flexible in our marriages, our parenting, and our work and community relationships.   

What Kinds of Therapy Does Family Therapy Use?
While some forms of family therapy are based in cognitive, behavioral, experiential or psychodynamic psychology, the most commonly practiced methods of this therapy are based on family systems theory. Family therapy developed its theoretical foundations fifty years ago from the developing, cross disciplinary body of knowledge called systems theory. Systems theoryproposes that everything we experience in the world is interconnected to its context, and can’t be fully understood without it. When it comes to human beings, then, we don’t know who we are without understanding the relationships we have. Those relationships include the ones we have with family, our friends, our neighborhood and cultures, our work and school environments, and those we may have with the larger systems of language, gender, nationality, or religion.  

Professional Accreditation and Family Therapy
Family Therapy is specific to the graduate training of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT). LMFTs can be found in private, group and clinical therapy practices across the United States and abroad. Other psychological professionals, such as psychologists, social workers, and professional counselors may also have received some advanced training in family system therapy, and may use its principles and ideas in their work.



Family therapy uses a range of counseling and other techniques including: structural therapy - Looks at the Identifies and Re-Orders the organisation of the family system Strategic therapy - Looks at patterns of interactions between family members Systemic/Milan therapy - Focuses on belief systems Narrative Therapy - Restorying of dominant problem-saturated narrative, emphasis on context, separation of the problem from the person Transgenerational Therapy - Transgenerational transmission of unhelpful patterns of belief and behaviour. * communication theory

* media and communications psychology
* psychoeducation
* psychotherapy
* relationship education
* systemic coaching
* systems theory
* reality therapy
* attachment-focused family therapy
* the genogram
The number of sessions depends on the situation, but the average is 5-20 sessions. A family therapist usually meets several members of the family at the same time. This has the advantage of making differences between the ways family members perceive mutual relations as well as interaction patterns in the session apparent both for the therapist and the family. These patterns frequently mirror habitual interaction patterns at home, even though the therapist is now incorporated into the family system. Therapy interventions usually focus on...
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