Family System

Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Family Pages: 5 (1611 words) Published: February 11, 2013
There are many different social outlooks of human suffering; it is helpful to know what you're looking for when it comes to helping others or even a self-help plan. The family systems theory can provide different perspectives to see if a problem is not as large as it may seem. This can come from something that is or is not within your control and it affects people in either a negative or positive way. In this paper family system tools, and behaviorism and social learning, Adlerian theory, contingency and conflict theories will be discussed. Each section will talk about the individual theory and how it can be used. Family Systems Tools

As we look over the different theories we find that all of them play a significant part in our behavior. One of these theories is the Systems Theory and under this systems theory you have the Ecological System and the Family Services. The Ecological system states that human development is influenced by the different types of our environment systems. The system was formulated by famous psychologist, Urie Bronfenbrenner. In this theory he helps us to understand why we may behave differently when we as individuals are in the presence of our family, plus our behavior when we are at work or in school. The ecological system theory also states that we will encounter different environments throughout our lifetime that can possibly influence our behavior in many degrees. We feel that that by this system dealing with how a person interacts with his or her environment some good practice applications could involve developing a holistic view of persons-in environment, further understand the interactions between micro-meso-macro levels of various organizations, to further understand contextual understanding of behavior. In addition this model also has five useful systems that can help they are: * Micro system- in this the setting is the direct environment we have in our lives * Meso system- involves the relationship between the Microsystems in our lives * Exosystem-is the link between the context where a person does not have an active role, and the context where he or she is actively participating * Macro system- is the actual culture of an individual

* Chrono system involves the transitions and shifts in our lifetime ( We feel that recognizing and knowing all these systems can aid in understanding other but ourselves as well. We also found that Bowen developed eight principles that illustrated his theory on how family systems work which are: 1. the differentiation of self, 2. the triangle, 3. the nuclear family emotional process, 4. The family projection process, 5. The mutigenerational transmission process, 6. Sibling position, 7. The emotional cut-off, 8. Emotional processes in society. ( We feel that knowing and practicing these theories can help the family unit function better. Behaviorism & Social Learning Theory

The behavior in children has always been a controversial subject of how a child should behave and how a child should be raised whether it is with the appropriate positive reinforcements. Children at a young age learn their behavior by the environment around them whether it is family members, television shows, teachers, classmates or other children in daycare centers. Behavior starts at a young age, in an article published by the Science Daily explains how children from such a young age develop the ability to control impulses, show mental flexibilities, and to remember things. Children between the age of one and six develop their functioning skills at a rapid rate which in terms helps the children. A study conducted by the University of Montreal and the University of Minnesota in the Journal of Child Development in the January/February 2010, look at 80 middle income Canadian mothers and their one year old infants. The study observed mothers playing and solving...
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