Family Rules

Topics: Social work, International Federation of Social Workers, Sociology Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: October 21, 2011
Family Rules
Week 8: Chapter 7
October 6, 2011

Family Rules
In speaking of the rules that pertain to the Grape’s family, one could say that rules are not the biggest issue to this family. The rules are far and few between. One unspoken rule in particular is that when dinner is ready, the girls carry the kitchen table into the living room to their mother. On one hand it’s good that they are having dinner as a family but on the other hand it’s a little absurd that they cater to her. The unspoken rule is that Gilbert is completely in charge of Arnie, from daylight until dark. Gilbert hasn’t had the opportunity to live his childhood life due to this rule. Their mother, Bonnie, is not able to care for her children the way a mother should because of her depression and obesity. Therefore, the unspoken rule there is that everyone in the family takes care of themselves. No one in the family makes a big deal out of Arnie’s disability but rather makes him feel as though he is just like the rest of them. They never have anyone over to their house because of the shape their mother is in. The children, not only are embarrassed and ashamed of her, but she doesn’t want anybody to see her that way either. The house they are living in desperately needs repairs but because of the reasons listed above, a handyman is out of the question. Gilbert sneaks his friend in to fix the floor beneath their mother because it is on the verge of falling through. Every family has their own set of rules, spoken or not, that have to be followed in order to have good organization. With good organization and communication in a family, this allows things to go smoothly in their daily lives.

Family Social Worker
Jennifer Hedge
Northeastern State University
SOWK 4043
Week 8: Chapter 7
October 8, 2011

When arranging an interview with a family social worker, I found it very difficult to find someone that had time to speak with me. I came across a sweet...
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