Family Roles

Topics: Want, Education, Need Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Parents Roles in My Life
In this world, we human need others to live. As soon as we were born we need our parents to keep us save, to feed us, to keep us alive. And there is more that parents do for us. In my case, (TS) My parents played a great role in this life, these are several of their major role that affect my life. (SP1) The first role is the spiritual role. (EXPLANATION) Their thoughts are the base why I have such a great commitment in my religion. (EXPERIENCES/EXAMPLES) In fact, I wasn’t a Christians when I was born, I came from a non-christian family. My parents are devout buddhis, and no one in my family is Christians. But my parents taught me to always worship and thanks God no matter what condition we are facing. And when I told them I want to be a Christians, they said its fine, and I was relieved. They said to me, no matter what religion I commit, it’s all the same, my parents think that religion is just a matter of perspective because there is only one God in the universe. They believe that every religion teaches the same idea such as keep doing nice things, to respect one another and so on. (SP2)The next role of my parents is education role. (EXPLANATION) Most of parents in the world would want their children to be a well-educated person, so do my parents. (EXPERIENCES/EXAMPLES) My parents had considered all the educational path that I have to take and they indeed provide me with the best. For example, They keep on encouraging me to read as much as I can, any kind of books and texts, they said those can widened my point of view and books are one of the most important sources of information and learning so that’s why I really love to read any kind of books. For another thing, since I was at elementary school, my parents also gave me chances to take a lot of different courses to know what my talents are. And when we found out my special talents they support me to keep improving my talents by providing what I need. And they taught me to always...
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