family reunion

Topics: Family, The Brady Bunch, Barbecue Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Chance Hill
Oct, 6, 2013
Family Reunion

It was the first weekend in august, so it time to take the long, packed road trip down south where it is hot as the earth’s core itself. I wonder who I would get to see this time go around. Every year I found out that I had a new cousin, aunt or, uncle. I have no clue where these people come from they just pop up, but when they do its all love in the air. My family was huge like the Brady bunch times ten. It’s like the NBA All-Star game, because all these people come to one city flying from all over the county just for one weekend of events. This time we were heading to Louisiana. On the way down there the trip is filed with memories of old times and laughter. You could say that we would have our own mini family gathering before the big slam. It was always Me, Gramps, Grammy. Moms, and Uncle Kyle that road together. We would always talk about what happen last year and the years before that with the family. It would just get us more ready to see what was in store for us this year and we couldn’t wait. When we first arrived in town we were at the park. The park was like as heaven on earth. Fresh cut grass, nice pound, it was Grade A. I could smell the aroma of uncle jonnies hot smoked barbeque in the air waiting for me to get to it. The first person that comes to great us was aunt sue. Aunt Sue was the crazy as a role lizard. She was always loud and didn’t care what anybody said about her or feelings. She flew all the way from D.C and was ready to party. The first thing she said was “Heeyyy Kin Folk”, we all looked at each other and laughed and the all went to give her a big hug. The weekend was about to start of rite. As I’m walking I can hear a little bang. Like a brick hitting a backboard. I knew what time it was now, it was time for a little family basketball with the boy cousins. This is what I’m talking about. This had to be my favorite part of the reunion rite hear other than granny’s delicious fresh...
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