Family Reunion

Topics: Family, Humour, Comedy Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: November 8, 2012
You could say my family is very diverse. They are really outspoken and every time my family would set up a reunion with all the relatives, they are always interesting. But the relative that would always seem to be the center of attention would have to be my aunt, Theresa. But I call her Aunt Reesee for short. My Aunt Theresa is married to my uncle Tommy and is in her mid 30’s. She is a biracial woman, black and white. She has a brown caramel skin tone to her. She has a great smile that goes from ear to ear. She has a very petite figure and nice long natural curly hair. She is a very stunning woman. My uncle Tommy is a real lucky guy because I am extremely envious of him.

She is the most hilarious person I ever met. If I had a list of favorite aunts, she would be number one! Her energy and overall demeanor gives out a positive vibe on people. So regardless if you are having a bad day and feeling grumpy, she can definitely make you smile and change the outlook of your terrible day.

My aunt Theresa is so amusing. I can not forget the time when my parents set up our annual family summer cookout at my grandparent’s house. My aunt started dancing provocatively in front of my grandparents. She was shaking her butt like she was in a rap music video. Good thing my grandparents had a sense of humor because if they did not it would have been awkward. Sometimes she is a little inappropriate I will admit but if she wasn’t the funny, inappropriate person that she is. She would not be my Aunt Reesee. My aunt also has a kind sympathetic heart to her as well. She is always willing to help no matter if it is helping the family with financial issues in desperate times or just giving me a ride home from school or a friend’s house when I needed one. She is always there for me when I am upset with my parents and need someone to talk to. She is a good listener and gives the best advice. Sometimes I think she should rather be a therapist instead of a nurse. So that...
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