Family Reunification

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The Pain of Family Reunification
How and to what extent does reuniting a foster child with their biological parent’s be in the best interest of the child? The laws presumption is that children are better off being raised by their natural biological parents (Troutman & Ryan). Since the law states the parent have a legal right to raise their child (Wulczyn, 2004), it is assumed that the parent will act in the best interest of the child. This paper explores the parental rights of reunification with their child and the impact of reuniting the child to the natural parents against the child’s will. Ethical Consideration

Rule-based theory focuses on the right or wrong intention behind the consequences (Kamm, 2008). End-Based theory focuses on by doing the right act will result in a good outcome. Parent Factor
The child was removed from her parent custody by court order due to their addiction to drugs and placed in foster care system to be protected from harm. The child has been residing with the same foster parents since she was an infant, she is currently 9 years old. Meanwhile the parent have been rehabilitated from drugs, went to court, and has regain custody of their child. Laws regarding parenting are written, to protect the parents’ rights (Wulczyn, 2004). Even considering the facts that the child has been away from the parent since infancy and has developed a relationship with the foster parents. The law states if the parent meet the specified regulated guidelines, ceased the problematic behavior, take classes to improve parenting skills, and can demonstrate they can provide a safe home for the child they can have their child back. In this case the parent have met all the requirements mandated by law did the right thing to do is to give the child back to the parents. This would fall under the category of Rule-Based theory. From my understanding of the End-based Theory the perspective is conceived that the parent have taken the necessary steps to...

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