Family Restaurant Business Plan Stage 3

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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan: Stage III
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary


Company Review

Business Analysis
HRIS Type/Comparison

HRIS Recommendation

Executive Summary
Castle’s Family restaurant has eight locations spread out in northern California. Jay Morgan acts as the human resource manager and operations manager. Jay Morgan is also responsible of doing the payroll and making the schedule. He travels to different locations to take care of all of that. Jay Morgan would like to not have to travel to different location and save money, while also focusing more on the operations of the business. Since gas prices are going up really fast, spending less time and money on traveling will give Jay Morgan more time to focus on promoting the business. Jay Morgan has to come up with ways to promote the business because all the competitors are coming up with different ideas to bring customers into the restaurant.

Since most of the employees are part-time, Jay Morgan has to go to every location to take care of the payroll and scheduling. The plan is to show Jay Morgan how he can save time and money by using the Human Resources Information System (HRIS). HRIS will have fewer errors than manual entry. Once HRIS in loaded, making a fiscal plan will show how much money is being saved and how effective it is. It will help Jay Morgan compete with competitors and be better then some competitors. Introduction

Castle’s family owned business is a small business that is spread out in northern California area with eight different locations. Jay Morgan is the only manager and he acts as an operations and HR manager at the same time. Castle’s restaurants currently employ over 300 employees including full-time and part-time. Jay Morgan spends most of his time going around to different locations. He would like to stay at one place and take care of everything form his office. Jay Morgan feels like he could use some help from HRIS. HRIS will help Jay Morgan get everything done from his office. Which will save the company a lot of money and will reduce most of the human errors. Jay Morgan will also be able to better manage his time and put his time towards more important things. Company Review

The family owned business currently has eight locations spread out in northern California. Castle’s family owned business is planning on opening a few newer locations to expand their customer base. The restaurant industry has been growing day-by-day with more then 990,000 restaurants in the United States and still growing. Estimated sales for 2014 for the restaurant industry is approximately around $683.3 billion. Castle’s family restaurant currently employs over 300 employees, Most of the employees are part-time and around 40% of the employees are full-time. Most of the stuff data entry, payroll and many other things are still done manually.

When the company starts to expand, the company will have to hire more employees. This will make Jay Morgan’s job even harder and more stressful. As of now, everything is done manually that includes, payroll, scheduling, benefits, and many other things. Jay Morgan has to travel to every location to get most of the work done which includes scheduling, payroll and answering any questions. Jay Morgan uses Excel to take care of the payroll and has a different application to print them. He hands out paychecks to employees when he’s at the location. Employees have no way of getting their questions answer until Jay Morgan comes to the restaurant to visit. All of the things could be made easier by using HRIS software, which will also reduce in human errors and make the process much...
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