Family Relationships in India

Topics: Family, Mother, Marriage Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: May 8, 2012
We, Indians give strong values to family relationships. It is our culture that has been followed from olden days. In earlier days and in some parts of India still, there are joint families. Joint families comprise many people – Father, mother, children, grand parents, grand children etc. In these families, there will be a strict hierarchy. The elder person in the family will be the master of the family. Ladies do household works, look after their children, take care of their husband and parents etc. There will be a number of children in a joint family. They will learn to share what they have with others, to love and respect elders, to adjust themselves to the society or others from their younger age.

But nowadays the number of joint families is getting low (decreasing). Parents are working. Children are studying apart from their parents. They can’t always stay together with their grandparents. Thus the concept of nuclear families has emerged. In nuclear families, there will be father, mother and at most two children. The parents take care of their children. Also the income of parents is more compared to those in olden days. So children are given better education. Children are pampered and they are given what they want. As there is only a single/ at most 2 children, they needn’t have to share anything with others, they are satisfied with what they have.

In India, the number of divorces has been increasing from the last decade. This is due to the lack of mutual understanding between husband and wife. In the past, children used to learn lessons of sharing, mutual understanding, giving love etc from their families. But nowadays, both parents and children are too busy. They don’t get time to spend with family members. They do not learn moral values compared to those in the last generation. When these children grow up, they will not consider the words of their parents. Slowly Indians will adopt the western culture in their family relationships too.

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