Family Relationships

Topics: Father, Parent, The Child Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Kristi Kujawski
Ms. Kello
CHD 120
September 27, 2010

As a childcare provider, it can be challenging to obtain established and productive relationships with parents of the young children I care for. My goal as the childcare provider is to have the best relationship with these children’s parents as possible, because good and positive relationships lead to success. I have strategized a plan to obtain my goal. What I plan to do is offer the parents all the information and knowledge about myself and my teaching to them. I will strongly advise my parents to ask questions and give them honest and factual answers. I will provide a loving, nurturing, educational environment, caring for their child to the best of my abilities. I will keep communication open, communication probably the most important way to have that positive relationship with a parent. Some ways that I will communicate with parents are daily reports that are sent home with the child, conferences weather over the phone or in classroom, and by planning family activities, opening more opportunities’ for communication. Second, will build positive and productive relationships with parents is by providing the parents with resources. Along with the resources, I will support and help the parents gain the necessities needed to cope with the stresses they may face. I will earn their trust by providing confidentiality for those parents experiencing hardships. Third, I will invite the parents to contribute in the program. Encouraging parents and relatives to participate on occasions when their job skills, hobbies, or other special expertise can be beneficial to the children. For example, a father of one of the children is a firefighter; he could visit and teach the children fire safety or urging parents to get involved in the construction and maintenance part of program, for instance constructing a play gym/ playground. This allowing all involved with their children, an opportunity to be a positive role...
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