Family relationship is important in one

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Family relationship is important in one’s life
How is this shown in the novel you have read? Support your answer with close reference to text. The importance of family relationship is emphasised in the novel ‘Catch Us If You Can.’ Sacrifices for family are honoured and explored, as are the family bonds that survive adversity/challenge. Very early in age, Rory has realised that ‘there was only Granda and me’ to make up a family. (pg3) Rory does not know any other family love since his father has left them when he is very young. Granda has taken care of him all his life and now, as Granda is getting old and forgetful, and is never quite well, it is his turn to look after him. (pg 9) “Granda never forgot to take his pills because (Rory) made sure he took them.” (pg 1) Rory makes sure that Granda takes his pills, and often leaves school on time though sacrificing his game of football to get hot pies from the baker for their lunch. Granda relies on Rory to bring him his lunch every day. (pg 9) Rory stops attending football practices because no one would look after Granda. (pg 10) Rory lies to the coach, Mr Hood that he is not interested in football anymore. (evidence #1) When we need help, we can always count on family members to sacrifice for us just like Granda counts on Rory to help him.

Rory also ignores others’ pleas to not take up the responsibility of caring for his grandfather. “Rory can’t do everything. He does the shopping and the cooking. He’s only a boy…He needs help,” Doctor Nicol says. (pg4) Darren says that “It worries my mum, Rory. She says that at your age you should be playing football. You shouldn’t have that mind of….responsibility.” (pg 20) Val Jessup says “You’re just a boy Rory. You can’t take the responsibility of your grandfather, not any more.” (pg 52) However, Rory feels that Granda is his responsibility since he is the only family member he has. (evidence #2) Rory takes good care of his grandfather ensuring he gets...
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