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The Renaissance
Origins of the Modern Age in Europe
The Modern age in Europe begins with the renaissance, which means rebirth. During the Modern Age, writers and artists worked to recover the learning of ancient Greece and Rome to apply to their own lives. The culture of the Renaissance transformed the way people in the West see themselves, the way we live in society and community, the nature of art and the role of learning. Despite its secular bent, the Renaissance is still considered to be a part of a larger Age of Religion. The growth of the Italian City-States

Italy was made up of city-states.
The city states also claimed supreme religious authority, challenging the papacy, which was itself a powerful political institution in Italy. The new states started as republics.
Warfare among the city states was common.
In the fifteenth century, Florence was seen as the leading city of Renaissance in Italy. Republicanism soon turned into oligarchy, though Florence remained a constitutional state. Italy was the commercial bridge between the West and the wealthier world of Asia. Cities used advanced shipbuilding and navigating techniques. People developed the skills required to undertake modern business. Humanism

The writers and artist of the Renaissance were conscious about being in a new era, with new values. They used the term humanism to distinguish their period from the past. To identify their cultural programs based on the revival of Greek and Latin classics. Humanists viewed the classics literature, philosophy and art as their inspiration. Humanism stressed living in this world human dignity and being a responsible citizen. The early humanist made distinctions between their own age and the age that had preceded it. Petrarch valued the classical languages and the recovery of ancient texts. Humanists stressed the important of education and the value of directing children early in life. Humanism was a civic idea as well as a scholarly one.

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