Family Relations

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Feeling Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: July 22, 2010
April Horacek
Family Relations and values.
June 21, 2010
Gender Differences
This paper was very hard to write. I really never thought, of myself as being a member of the opposite sex, a male. I feel it would be a lot harder to be a man in today’s society; people have much higher standards for them. I think for sure if I was a man I would not be married to my husband; I would not have my children (at least not give birth to them.) I am pretty sure I would not have chosen the career path that I did, if I was a man I probably would be a construction worker, I do as much as I can now. If I was a man I would be a lot stronger and be able to be able to do heavy labor all the time. I know if I was a man I would be more masculine. I think it would be really hard to prove that I was a “real man” I know that men are a lot harder on each other than women. A man has to prove himself to not only his friends but everyone around him. If I was a man I would not be able to show my emotions in public, I think that would be very difficult, I cry watching movies for heaven’s sake. Also I would not want to be labeled as a jerk. More men are labeled as jerks then women. I would not like to be expected to pay for a date and not get anything in return. I also would not like to be labeled as dysfunctional and having no feelings.

I think my life would be the same in some ways as well. I think my life would be just as stressful if I was a man. I think that I would still love and care for my children the same way I do as a women. I also could still show my emotions at home, just not in public. My husband shows his emotions at home. (Do not tell him I said that.) I think if I was a man I would still enjoy the things I do in life. I would most likely still exercise if I was man, however probably a lot more. I would still have the same goal of finishing college if I was a man.

I enjoyed writing this paper however it was really hard to write. I did learn a lot writing it. I never...
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