Family Planning

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Family planning experts define family planning as the process by which responsible and mature couples, if they, determine by themselves the timing, proper spacing and number of children born to them. Family planning involves three main aspects:

1. Responsible parenthood
2. Proper spacing of children
3. Birth control

Family planning involves the rational utilization of effective contraceptive methods by
married couples so they can space and limit their children to a desirable size in order for them to attain quality life. Contraceptive means prevention of unwanted pregnancy, while responsible parenthood means responsible pro-creation and socialization of children. As responsible parents, married couples are prepared for the responsiblility of rearing a child who can be properly fed, clothed and educated.


1. Sociological Norms

Family planning is the process whereby, through interaction, married couples arrive at an intelligent decision in the number of children they could provide with quality life. It means responsible parenthood and proper spacing of children through the use of effective contraceptive methods. Sociologist make intelligent analysis on the problems brought about by rapid population growth. Thus, they provide helpful knowledge and information about the problem so married couples could consider the different consequences of having a big number of children.

2. Medical Norms

Family planning through the use of contraceptive provides protection against unwanted pregnancies. Contraceptive work to prevent the meeting of the egg and sperm. Family planning is concerned with the regulation of human reproductive capacity. It involves the prevention of unwanted births by contraceptive techniques, or by reducing the length of exposure to pregnancy in order to protect the well-being of the mother, of the family, or of the larger...
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