Family or Love?

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: August 15, 2010
The West Side Story is set in Upper West Side Manhattan. It is about rivalry between two teenage gangs of different backgrounds. Anton, a member of the white gang, fell in love with Maria, the sister of the leader of the rival Puerto Rican gang.Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly the most popular romantic love story to ever hit the literary world. It talks about intense passion between the star-crossed lover Romeo and Juliet. Their love was doomed from the start because of their feuding families- the Montague represented by Romeo and Capulet, by Juliet. The overriding theme, of course, between the two stories – Romeo and Juliet and The West Side Story is love – deep, intense and passionate love. The kind that defies everything even families and loyalties. There is no specific moral that one can gather from both stories on love and relationships. Both stories seek to portray the chaos and obstacles that surround passion and love. Violence brought about by love is another theme that permeates in both stories. In both stories, love is linked to death. The poem ‘Lord Ullin’s Daughter’ had a story which was similar to the one of Romeo and Juliet or The West Side Story. I, Shaifila Ladhani, am here to discuss whether Lord Ullin’s Daughter was right in her decision to defy her father for the one she loved and I think I am confused!!.Well, all she got after upsetting her family and running away was death, but she was satisfied that she’d found her love and might live happily ever after. Looking at both the situations, I WAS just too confused as her love was important and the other part of her, but if we think practically........i think family is far more important. Lord Ullin’s daughter loved the chief, yet her father/family was the one who brought her up and was responsible for her present state. it’s hard to be in the situation where your family against to your love when you don’t know what to do or which one will you chose.... this is the hard part when you love...
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