Family Nursing Diagnoses

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Family Nursing Diagnoses

Marsha Ruckle

Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice/405

November 19, 12
Helen Woolf

Family Nursing Diagnoses

Conducting a family assessment is a challenging and important step in the care of the client. It is essential to identify problems and situations inhibiting a family from practicing healthy behaviors and developing healthy habits to thrive in the home and community. Identifying problems then deciding the family nursing diagnosis and planning interventions beneficial to the family is the next step in the client’s care. Three Family Nursing Diagnoses

The three family nursing diagnoses identified to assist SS and her family are anxiety related to several short- and long-term stressors, delayed growth and development related to CS’s handicaps, and chronic pain related to SS’s rheumatoid arthritis. These nursing diagnoses were most appropriate for this family.

Healthy People 2020 Indicator
The indicator chosen that links to the nursing diagnoses mentioned above is social determinants (“Healthy People 2020”, 2012). This indicator is relevant to the identified family nursing diagnoses because of numerous reasons. CS has a disorder that has caused him to have developmental delays and numerous health issues. He reports getting bullied at school periodically, is in special needs classes, and will not be able to live independently. The indicator is also relevant because of the number of stressors SS has identified through the family assessment that affects the family’s lives daily. Researching information on Healthy People 2020 and specifically the social determinants indicator reveals that assisting the client and her family with healthy behaviors, physical activity, assistance with dealing with stress-related issues leads the family to being successful members of the community and being successful in tasks necessary for improved health and longer life expectancy. Linking the indicator to the family nursing diagnoses will also provide the family with strategies to deal with school, community, and workplace issues that are barriers to accomplishments within the family.

Opportunities for Community Health Nursing Interventions
One opportunity where I can make a positive impact with community health nursing interventions would be providing a lecture at CS’s high school about bullying. This would be beneficial for students in many high school communities. The lecture should include information about why children bully each other, strategies for how to deal with bullies, and why bullying is wrong. Another way to influence in a positive way is provide SS and her family ways to deal with the issues that cause the most stress in the family, whether it is financial concerns, time management issues, or health concerns. Conducting family meetings to share responsibilities for chores around the house, making the children aware of what can be afforded monetarily month to month, and ensuring the family is keeping regular health check ups are a few techniques that may be beneficial. Making sure SS is aware and takes advantage of workplace assistance for a variety of reasons is another opportunity to make a positive impact on her family and on the social determinant indicator.

Health Education Topics
There are a number of topics related to health education that would be beneficial to SS and her family as well as any community. One topic SS may find helpful deals with emotional wellness, which is a subject I have spent time discussing with SS and her family. Finding a balance between everything going on in one’s life, such as school, work, sports, or other activities is necessary in protecting emotional health. Another topic relates to stress, which is another area of concern for SS. There are different levels of stress and...

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