Family Life in Pakistan

Topics: Family, Marriage, Extended family Pages: 9 (3653 words) Published: July 31, 2011
Family Life in Pakistan: An Essay
Our moribund social and family system has caused many problems among our youngsters. If these issues not address now, we would be facing completely dejected society. Today the world is moving fast and to cope with this condition we have also accelerated our pace towards progress. But ironically, this is done the cost of our social and family structure. Being progressive and successful is the best one can have in this world but neglecting our tradition and family system will give raise to such problems that will not be easy to curb. The growing violence and other dissolute that exist in our society attributed to the lack of understanding as well as communication that prevail among our generations. During the last few years there have been continuous reports that indicate that violence among our youth is growing day by day. Large section of this problem is associated to the budding influence of media and other means of technology. Technology is not being blamed here as it has given us easy means of access to latest developments that has been taking place in the world. Internet gives us way to talk or gather information from places far off from our own place. Most recent advancements in the field of science provide us with many new inventions that have made our lives comfortable and cozy than ever before. Science has provided us with such new technology that it is not difficult for anyone to look beautiful just in few days. Medical researches have made our life more simple and convenient. Rapid increase of diseases has forced the medical scientists all over the world to bring in new researches that would cure the afflicted humanity. But along with all these developments, there are problems that one witness in today’s society. There are always two ways of using knowledge, either good or bad. What we are witnessing these days is the perilous and unconstructive use of technology. The more easily the access to different knowledge has been made, the more problems have raised their heads. Mostly, parents show concerns that their children have no time for them. They are busy with their friends and when free they have other commitments like chatting on internet and surfing different websites. There is less time that a family spends together. Fast moving world has changed the priorities among the family members. This has destroyed the family system and created a huge generational gap. Our family system previously was strong and children in the family learn from their elders. Now, the major excuse is shortage of time. Parents have no such knowledge about advancing technology and children of this age took great advantage form it. Their ignorance leads to their children ruining. Parents should overcome this problem by taking interest in the matters of their children. They can communicate with their children on their problems and give advices to them.

Influence of joint family system on socio-economic development of Pakistan The development of any country depends on the role of individuals living in the society. If the individuals play their role actively and positively then their will be growth and if there will be growth their will be equal and proper division of resources within the individuals of society. This ultimately gives a peaceful environment. But the question arises how these individuals behave in a responsible way that it turns the nation’s luck? For this it is important to understand that from where these individuals come from? What was the environment and atmosphere of the place where they groomed up? What they learn in the beginning of their minds development through their environment? In case of Pakistan, it is an urgent requirement to study and understand the origin and upraising systems of individuals as Pakistan is facing lot of problems, crisis and unpleasant situations from last six decades. Pakistan’s society have drawbacks at all levels hence it is important to catch the...
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