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The family in Britain is changing .The one typical British family headed by two parents has undergone substantial changes during the twentieth century .In particular there has been a rise in the number of single-person households,which increased from 18 to 19 per cent of all households between 1971 and 2002.By the year 2020 ,it is estimated that there will be more single people than married people.Fifty years ago this would have been socially unaceptable in Britain. In the past ,people got married and stayed married .Divorce was very difficult , expensive and took a long time .Today people’s views on marriage are changing .Many couples ,mostly in their twenties or thirties ,live together (cohabit) without getting married .Only about 60 per cent of these couples will eventually get married. In the past ,people married before they had children ,but now about 40 per cent of children in Britain are born to unmarried (cohabiting) parents.In 2002 ,around a quarter of unmarried people between the ages of 16 and 59 were cohabiting in Great Britain .Cohabiting couples are also starting families without first being married .Before 1960 this was very unusual ,but in 2001 around 23 per cent of births in the UK were to cohabiting couples . People are generally getting married at a later age now and many women do not want to have children immediately.They prefer to concentrate on their jobs and put off having a baby until late thirties . The number of single-parent families is increasing .This is mainly due to more marriages ending in divoce ,but some women are also choosing to have children as lone parents without being married. Starting a family is something that people do all over the world,however, there are some differences among the countries and even in the same continent.There is a trend towards smaller families,both in Britain and the USA, but also of course in Slovakia.In postwar years many families had four or five children,but now it is zero population growth.

It means about two children per family.Young couples think that it can help to solve the environmental problems.One of the reasons is also a bad economic situation. Small or large families? I think each of them has some advantages or another things.Sometimes they quarrel,but they again make it up and help one another.Child in small family is often alone.Nowadays it is nothing cheap. The family must live within one's limits.But in spite of the fact some children have got big claims.

The marrying age has dropped everywhere.But in spite of the fact in comparison with Great Britain and the USA,young couple here tend to get married younger.While many Slovaks marry and have children in their early twenties,in Britain it is common not to start a family until they reach their thirties.

According to me 25 is the most suitable age for marriage and have children.Then the young people finish their school and education, they have got their degrees and they can begin to earn money.Now more marriages are prompted by the bridge being pregnant.That is why the young people are then quarrels,various misunderstandings finish by the divorces. It means nothing good for children who lose one of the parents.

The young people in Slovakia except the money and help to set up from parents,grandparents and other relatives.It is not quite right,because adult children should take responsibility for themselves and they should gradually return all,what they got from parents in younger age. Many Slovaks live at home with their parents until they marry and often afterwards as well.In Slovakia young couples prefer living near their parents and so it is common that three generations live in the same town or even in one house. British and...
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