Family Law

Topics: Domestic violence, Family law, Dispute resolution Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: July 26, 2013
Family law
Changes to family law as a response to changing values in the community/role of law reform in achieving just outcomes for family/ effectiveness of legal and non-legal responses in achieving just outcomes for family members The family law act 1975 introduced major change to divorce law on 14 grounds of infidelity, cruelty and desertion. In 1975 saw a major reform in family law, as the family law act introduced no fault divorce meaning that neither party were to blame for the breakdown of the marriage. One party had to tell the other and separate for a period of 12 months, then apply for an application with family law court for dissolution of the marriage. The change in law was a reaction to changing social values depicted from society, this highlighting the effectiveness of the reform as the Family Law Act responds to changing values in society. In 2005 saw the Federal government decide to assist couples need of counselling and mediation by establishing special family relationship centres. Federal government 2005 decided to assist couples need of counselling and mediation by establishing special family relationship centres. Two fundamental issues in relation to divorce are that the children will live with and what contact they will have with the non-resident parent and how property will be divided.

The Family Law Act often emphasises “the best interest of the child” as divorce can have an enormous impact on a child. The act ensures that children have benefit to both parents as well as protecting children from physical or psychological harm or being subject to abuse, neglect or family violence. Parents must fulfil their duties and meet responsibilities concerning care, welfare and development of children. The Federal magistrates courts is generally required to make an order for equal shared parental responsibility, but that is dependent on the best interest of the child. The court strongly wishes for children to have quality and a regular...
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