family is important

Topics: Learning, Family, Sociology Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: February 27, 2014

Our family is the most important in shaping or identity by giving their love, care and support. The family is probably the single most important core unit that will shape the identity of a person. Every human is created from a mother and a father and these are the first relationships that a person experiences or in some cases, does not experience. It is the family unit where infants learn about being cared for and how to give and receive love. It is in the family unit that a child learns how to behave from those that surround him or her. Family is huge in determining who we are and what we are all about. They tell us from day one what is good about us and what we can or cannot do and we absorb it all as children letting it shape us. Our families in most cases dictate our political beliefs, our economic beliefs, our religion, and our societal beliefs and frame our overall view of the world. We learned how to give respect to other people to how to understand them and don’t let our ego to take the situation. Family taught us how to be a reliable person by having a positive and open minded to everyone. Being open-minded can be really tough sometimes. Most of us are brought up with a set of beliefs and values and, throughout our lives, tend to surround ourselves with people who share the same values and beliefs. We learn from our actions around us which literally shape our character or personality, due to people you’re with or would like to be with. Our family has shaped our identity by supporting us to all the things that we wanted to achieve in our life. They always make us feel they always there for us no matter what struggles we’ve been facing. Family always shows how supportive they are by helping us to get in our goal. Understanding is one of the most important characters what our family has, they never let us feel being alone instead they make us feel we’re belong to the family and never be a part from it. They encourage us, acknowledge and appreciate what...
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