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Topics: Family, Homemaker, Parenting Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: June 27, 2014
It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Dixon and Campbell families. Within this extended, two earner household, there are two pairs of married couples and two adolescents. James and Charlene are the owners of the home and are also the parents of Christine. Christine and Jim live in the house with their two children. Each of the four adults work outside of the home and the girls attend school.

I have had the opportunity to become familiarized with this family by working with Christine in the past. I chose them because they were gracious enough to allow me to interview them and use what we discussed to write my family essay. This middle class Christian family is made up of Caucasians. James and Charlene have been married for thirty-nine years and have two daughters, one of which is Christine. Jim and Christine have been married for thirteen years and have two daughters, Alissa; twelve and Emmalou; nine. Each of the adults has full time occupations and the girls are full time students, as well as, their participation in sports and other extra-curricular activities. The family shows cohesion by attending church together on Sunday mornings and eating lunch together after church. This is one of the few days every week that the adults are able to be off of work at the same time. Throughout the rest of the week they all coordinate schedules so that Alissa and Emmalou has child care without having to have anyone from outside to tend to them. The girls have never had a babysitter separate of their immediate household. This may sound strange and to most people, it is, however Charlene had a good reason to ask her daughter and son-in-law to stay with her husband and her not long after Christine and Jim were married. The younger couple lived in a mobile home as their first residence together and became pregnant just a few months after they tied the knot. However, one morning, into Christine’s first trimester, the trailer caught on fire and was badly...
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